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If you aren’t getting paid daily to be in front of the camera, then you owe it to yourself to keep reading this letter and find out about Demo Reel Secrets for Actors: How You Can Supercharge Your Reel and Book More Work where you’ll learn hundreds of insider tricks, tidbits, and tips that could get you hired on more TV shows, commercials, and films.

• The crucial item working actors put on some versions of their reels ... that they never ever tell their
agent about
(Page 38)

• The four words that got the author booked on a national TV program in less than 45 seconds (Page 154)

• One huge demo reel mistake that might cost you thousands and could hurt your chances of getting hired - and how to easily avoid it (Page 126)

• A quick $8 purchase that could increase your visibility on the Internet by 650% — or more! — and your web designer won't tell you about it (Page 109)

• A "not for the faint-of-heart" way to get hold of TV and film footage featuring you — footage that wound up on the cutting room floor. (Page 131)

• Over 217 "ace up your sleeve" Hollwood insider tips... and more...

Right now, when marketing yourself as an actor, you might be making huge mistakes without even knowing it! Mistakes that could be ruining your career!

But you’re about to discover some of the high-powered secrets that working actors use each and every day to get hired on TV shows, commercials, and films. Their secret weapon: an effective demo reel.

The truth is that a bad demo reel means certain death to any actor’s career. Thousands of demo reels in circulation right now contain simple and glaring mistakes that assure that yet another actor with a lousy demo reel will not get hired.

Demo Reel Secrets For Actors is a must-read for any actor who takes his work in Hollywood seriously. Derrick Boelter lays out the demo reel secrets, shortcuts and tricks of the trade that will shave off years of struggling to get acting gigs. Demo Reel Secrets For Actors guides you through the process of how to get the best possible reel made, how to find the right editor, costly mistakes to avoid and what absolutely needs to be in your reel. Read this book and you'll book jobs guaranteed.

— Matt Duggan, actor and director, winner of the best short film at the Westwood International Film Festival

If you’re serious about getting acting work, then you’ve probably figured out that “following the herd” doesn’t always bring you the results you’ve dreamed of. If you want results in your acting career — fast — then Demo Reel Secrets For Actors gives away hundreds of insider demo reel tips and tricks that get successful actors hired every day. When you read this book (thankfully not an eBook!), you’ll discover...

• How to instantly spot a video editor that is trying to rip you off
• A simple way to save over $240 a year... that you're probably spending right now
• The one thing you must do before you edit your reel that could save you hundreds
• How to prevent other actors from getting hired off of your demo reel
• A common editor’s suggestion that actors "in-the-know" always say “no” to
• Learn to almost instantly improve your demo reel's quality by over 47%
• Discover one simple way to save money on your reel... by spending more money
• The number one mistake that actors make when using a “casting” website and how to
easily steer clear
• A four-second trick that could make your reel look better than other
competing actors
• How a $2 purchase could save you thousands in the editing suite

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As an actor yourself, you know that actors with good demo reels consistently get called in for auditions. And actors with bad demo reels get put into the “no” pile. Worse yet, if you have no demo reel at all, then it means that your material will be slid to the bottom of that enormous pile of thousands of submissions that casting directors and agents receive each day. Submissions like yours.


There are hundreds upon hundreds of talented actors’ demo reels that contain glaring mistakes. And there are also amazing demo reels from not-as-talented actors that work in front of the camera — all the time! The sad thing is that these bad demo reels could be fixed by applying a few simple tricks and tips … and then the actors would be hired for more acting work... by merely fixing their demo reel. Too many actors neglect their demo reel, and their careers suffer because of it.

Do you want to get called in for auditions? Or, do you want your marketing materials and your demo reel to be thrown away?

You could waste hundreds of hours of your precious time and hundreds - even thousands - of dollars to go to classes and clinics, and not even get a fraction of the information you'll get from this book! You're mere clicks away from learning industry secrets like:

• 23 Common mistakes that non-working actors make on their demo reels that destroy their chances
• One critical thing that absolutely must be on every demo reel you send out - if you want to get hired
• The clip you should never put at the beginning of your demo reel
• Common things editors do that can overshadow your acting... and how to keep them from doing it
• One quick trick you can use that will get casting directors to instantly respect you
• Footage that you absolutely must avoid on your demo reel that could immediately ruin your chances
• How working actors use their demo reels to maximize footage with a star
• One crucial item you cannot tell your agent about that you should always include on your demo reel
• One mistake that will foul up your viewer’s DVD player, and how to easily avoid making it
• Should you have a montage on your demo reel? — and why
• Clips you must never ever, ever put on your demo reel

Demo Reel Secrets for Actors contains over 217 insider tips and tricks that working actors hope that you’ll never discover, and gives away hundreds of tricks you can use to save money on your demo reel. Within moments, you'll have the answers to questions you've always had about the industry...

• How to identify an editor that might be trying to rip you off on your demo reel
• What to do before you meet with your demo reel editor... if you want to save hundreds of dollars
• One thing you should always do during your demo reel editing session that will save you big money
• How one mistake cost the author $6,000 in five minutes and how to make sure it never happens
• The mistake gets other actors hired off of your demo reel - and how to instead focus on you
• A common editor's suggestion that working actors always say “no” to when their editors propose it
• How to quickly improve your demo reel quality by 50%
• An "out of the box" way to get comments about your demo reel
• A crazy way to save money... by spending just a bit of extra money
• A 30-second demo reel secret that will pay you back a thousand times over

Demo Reel Secrets for Actors is one of the better kept secrets in the industry today. For only $12.10, this 157-page book could potentially save you thousands of dollars - and get you hired for more acting gigs than you dreamed possible.IYou’ll find out even more bits of critical information that you’ll wish you’d known about when you started your acting career. Things like:

• One simple secret that can drastically improve the quality of your indie film footage
• One little-known trick to deal with unreliable DVD players...that costs less than $30
• The number one mistake that actors make when using a “casting” website and how to steer clear of it
• One crucial Internet secret that could skyrocket your career
• A skill that your web designer probably doesn’t have that could hurt your demo reel, and how to fix it
• A 10-second demo reel fix that can make you look up to 500% more professional than other actors
• How spending less than $2 can save you hundreds of dollars in the editing suite
• A hidden gem of a trick that can save you over $60 an hour when editing your demo reel

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